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Detailed Our Lass II
Building Assurance Tug
Building Sentinel
Building Wyeforce
Aziz Online Builds
RN Fleet Tenders
Europa Coasters
Vliestroom Poland
Model Lifeboats, UK

Scale 1:32 - L. 850 mm
Kit Code MS-03

Our Lass II
Scale 1:24 - L. 900 mm
Kit Code MS-32

Tamar Class Lifeboat
Scale 1:16  - L. 1000mm
Kit Code MS-30

Yorkshireman Tug
Scale 1:48 - L. 875 mm
Kit Code MS-01

Al Khubar Tug

Scale 1:32 - L. 785 mm

Kit Code MS-15

Sentinel Cutter

Scale 1:40 - L. 935 mm

Kit Code MS-12

Aziz Tug

Scale 1:50 - L. 1105 mm

Kit Code MS-19

 Vosper Kawkab Class
Scale 1:20 - L. 950 mm
Kit Code MS-27

Assurance Class Tug
Scale 1:43 - L. 1108 mm
Kit Code MS-31

10-hatch COASTER

Scale 1:50 - L. 1005 mm

Kit Code MS-20

4-hatch COASTER

Scale 1:50 - L. 1005 mm

Kit Code MS-21

Vliestroom Buoy-Layer

Scale 1:40 - L. 960 mm

Kit Code MS-16

Tsekoa II Buoy-Layer

Scale 1:32 - L. 845 mm

Kit Code MS-04

Envoy Class Tug - Military or Civilian

Scale 1:48 - L. 1108 mm

Kit Code MS-17 and MS-18

Kits with Templates and Material Packs

Scale 1:40 - L. 1054 mm
Kit Code MS-06

Scale 1:24 - L. 740 m
Kit Code MS-08

Scale 1:24 - L.  840 mm
Kit Code MS-09

Steam Drifter (MS-25)
Scale 1:72


1920's Puffer (now discontinued)
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