CRASH TENDER  Fittings  Set (87 metal parts)
Please note:
no  window frames, no mast, no additional items are available from us!
The only items we supply are listed below.


NOTE: no plans/kits and no additional items are available for the Crash Tender.
The window frames on our models were made from 0.5mm Plasticard.
The fittings are made of white metal and are supplied unpainted. Some are supplied unassembled *

Description Qty per Set   Description Qty per Set
Floodlights (non working) 2   Mast Lights (non-working) 1
Large cowl vents 6   Navigation lights (non-working) 2
Small cowl vents 2   Stern light (non-working) 1
Mushroom vents 4   Net rail blocks 16
Deck cleats 4   Handrail balls 12
Deck bollards 4   Bow bollard 1
Searchlight (3 parts) * non-working 1   Chain pipe top 1
Roof horn 1   Tow hook assembly (5 parts) * 1
Anchor (2 parts) * 1   Foam monitors  (4 parts) * 2
Jackstaff 1   Cabin/mast cleats 4
Davit assembly (4 parts) * 1   Manifold assembly (3 parts) * 1
Fittings Set UK Price:  40+ 4 for UK post and packing. Cheques/Postal Orders in the name of "Model Slipway". Most major credit/debit cards are accepted.  Card details are required by telephone/fax on 01226 715576.  Alternatively by mail to: Model Slipway, 77 Arundell Drive, Lundwood, Barnsley S71 5LE, England.  Overseas prices on application.

We reserve the right to alter the specifications of kits and accessories, without prior notice